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Final Result

Aryabhatta National Maths Competition – 2019

From The Director’s Bench

We congratulate ! to all the students who had appeared for the exam

It was a nice experience to being with you. While conducting such a big event at the national level, we had so many nice experiences but it might happen that many students & their parents had got trouble from AICTSD, we really apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

We are continuously improving our services at the best & will give you the best experience in the next exam in the future.

Congratulations !

Following is the list of the candidates who had own ” The Great Scientist of Future India Award – 2019″ across the INDIA

Sr. No
All India Rank
1 All India Rank – 1 Jaywant P Dharwade
2 All India Rank – 2

Rahul E.Gupta

3 All India Rank – 3 Parth Singhania


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