School Robotics & Automation

All India Council For Technical Skill Development (AICTSD)

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IITians Embedded Technosolutions

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School Robotics & Automation (SRA)

Robotics + Automation  + Coding  = Improve Analysis & Concentration Power by 300% 


A program designed by IIT Bombay alumni & Industrial Professionals to improve the ” Science ,Technology , Engineering & Mathematics” skills of school students.


? Objectives of this Program


Today’s generation of school students are Creative Minded, Innovative, Passionate & Enthusiastic about the Technology.They like to understand & do the things practically than theoratically.

School Period is the constructive period for the students to develop their professional ability in all the angles.Such as 

  • Innovative Ability
  • Creative Ability
  • Analytical Ability
  • Technological Ability
Following are the objectives of this program

? Create interest of School students in Robotics & Automation Technologies so that they should use technology to improve their Creative & Innovative abilities

? Learn advanced & complex robotics & automation technologies of Practically

? To make students Technology Lover, For example, Students play games using Bluetooth Technology but what if they learn Bluetooth technology & develop their own projects like Bluetooth Control Car & Bluetooth Home Automation. Isn’t it really amazing?

? Start school students journey of learning Robotics & Automation technology at the school level so that they become technology professinal in the future

? Understanding the Technology Mechanisms & Applications Designing practically 

? Make them passionate about Engineering & Technology at the school level only

? Let them know about their Science & Mathematics academic theory concepts practically

? Improve their technological analysis power at the school level


? Eligibility Criteria


? School Students from Std. 3rd to Std. 12th

? Any Hobbyist who want to learn Robotics & Automation Concept


? Certification


? A Government of India (MSME) & ISO 9001-2015 Organisational Certificate will be provided from IITians Embedded Technosolutions.

? Certificate will be affilated to ” All India Council For Technical Skill Development (AICTSD) “.


? Syllabus & Details


Course – School Robotics & Automation (SRA)

Sr. No
Age Group
1 SRA Level – 1 9 to 12 Years Old Online View
2 SRA Level – 2 13 to 15 Years Old Online View
3 SRA Level – 3 16 to 18 Years Old Online View

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