About Us

All India Council for Technical Skill Development (AICTSD) is a national organization formed to create the technical leadership at an institutional level.The main objective of AICTSD is to improve the technical skills among the youth in the country by which building technical leadership at an academic institutional level.

AICTSD working to solve the difficult technical problems and the leadership building among the Indian youth to improve their career capabilities with the help of over 58,000 members connected worldwide which includes Industrial Professionals, Academician, and Corporate.

The executive board of AICTSD has a senior governing body that composed of the President, President-elect Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer, members with geographic, technical, and operational experience, and up to 5 at-large, competency-based membersThe Executive Board works closely with the AICTSD staff, made up of dozens of seasoned experts in areas like non-profit management, finance, event planning, marketing, training, publishing, and more.

Our Core Objective

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