All India Council For Technical Skill Development (AICTSD) with the industry professionals is working for a common agenda of technical skills development & creating technological leaders at an academic institutional level among the country.” Aryabhatta National Maths Competition ” is a part of the mission of AICTSD to promote & create the leaders from the student community among the country .

Everything depends on “Technology” & Technology is depend on “Mathematics“.The base of every innovation from machine to medicine is mathematics.Nothing is possible without mathematical analysis.

INDIA had given the world-class mathematician to the world with the world-class innovations from “ Zero (Found by Aryabhatta) ” to “Infinity (Found by Bhaskaracharya)”.All these are the reserved patent in the name of the INDIA. All the great innovations in mathematics had got found in INDIA only.

Through this competition, we are searching the ” Great Technology Scientist of Future INDIA – 2022 ” from student community

Do you think , you can clear the competition & becoming the Technology scientist of Future INDIA ? 

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Eligibility Criteria



🥇 1st Prize

🥈 2nd Prize

🥉 3rd Prize

Students associated with AICTSD from last 12 years

Exam Schedule

Last Registration Date

5th May 2022

Online Exam Date

21st May 2022

Online Exam Result

10th June 2022

Online Live Interview

20th June 2022

Final Result Date

30th June 2022

How to Apply?


Group 1

10 to 13 Years OLD

Group 2

14 to 17 Years OLD

Group 3

18 to 26 Years OLD

Exam Format

In case of any query, you can write us at

Choose Your Group & Apply

Please Note - The registrations will get closed at any time once all the seats gets full irrespective of the last date of registration

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Age Group


10 to 13 Years Old

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14 to 17 Years Old

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18 to 26 Years Old

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Winners will get additional benefits from AICTSD

Every participant will get a participation certificate

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