Interview Registration

On the request of few parents & students, we are reopening the registration process today for one day i.e 7th July. Please complete your registration. Last few seats are vacant.

The ANMC stands as one of the most challenging maths exam in India, and you have proven yourself by successfully cracking it at the national level. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement!. Very few students manage to crack this exam at national level & You are on of them.

AICTSD Board members & director bench would like to express our sincere congratulations to you on your outstanding success in the prestigious ANMC, a challenging mathematical competition in India. Your remarkable achievement at the national level is truly praiseworthy and distinguishes you from others.

Check your interview schedule below.
Please Note - This interview schedule is only for those who have done the interview process registration.

Interview Registration Process

Please Note – You have to do this registration process till 4th July

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