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" New question paper - 2020 " is uploaded today in the RPTS account

Ramanujan Practice Test Series (RPTS)

With RPTS candidates can solve mock tests and previous year's question papers online.

RPTS is one of the awesome thing for everyone preparing for the ” Ramanujan National Maths Challenge – 2023 “. With RPTS, you can solve over 40 question papers online and get an instant result, allowing you to improve your performance for the final exam. Get ready to take your competition preparation to the next level with RPTS! with RPTS, candidates can ensure they are well prepared and confident for the final exam.

MPTS is for all candidates who want to be in the top 20 of the final exam.

What you will get in RPTS


Solve 40+ online mock test

Diffeent Topic Test

Solve test on individual topic

5 year test

Solve last 5 years question paper online


Solve important question bank online

Maths mock

RPTS Rules Set

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Please Note - The processing fees for MPTS may increase to Rs. 220 from this Monday.

Process to join RPTS

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Testimonials by Toppers

"Thanks to AICTSD: My Success at the Ramanujan National Maths Challenge -  2017 Achieved Through Their RPTS !"

Pranav Jha

Thanks AICTSD for Unimaginable Success: RPTS Helped Me to Make Dreams Come True!"

Suddha Chandra

"Cracked the Ramanujan National Maths Challenge with the Ramanujan Practice Test Series - Thanks to AICTSD!"

Anurag More

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